2. TOFD Weld Inspection

  • The scanning system will rotate 360˚ in about 20 seconds to record an image of the  weld.

3. Inspection Techniques Coming Soon

  • Riser Bolt Inspection
  • Clip Riser Inspection, Clip & Lugs
  • Laser Scanning
  • Phased Array

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Key Seating in Pipe Wall

Riser Inspection System Manufacture

Inspection Techniques 

1. Ultrasonic Thickness C-Scan Corrosion Mapping

  • Using this scanning technique the inspector can easily see both I.D and O.D. corrosion. Recording a corrosion map makes it easy to locate, measure, and accurately report areas that need to be monitored and/or repaired.​​
  • ​The scanning system will rotates continuously 360˚ down the length of pipe in a helical spiral. Spacing of the helical spirals can be set to any distance to include 100% scan.​​

Circumferential Weld with defects