Riser Inspection System Manufacture

Consistent, dependable, efficient performance

Automated NDT Technologies

Automated NDT Technologies Riser Inspection System

Marine Riser Pipe Inspection System
Big Tool Scanner & Small Tool Scanner

The Big Tool Scanner is designed to be a delivery platform that can accommodate many different types of inspection technologies.
The Small Tool Scanner is a miniature version of the big tool, but due to its size has limitations on the types of inspection technologies that it can carry.

Control System (Tan Case)

• Ultrasonic System 
• Motion Control System 
• Video System 
• Laptop  with Riser Inspection Software

Key features

• Interchangeable parts
• Modular inspection components
• State of the art inspection software designed specifically for riser inspections
• Inspection results are reliable, accurate, and repeatable.
• Can be used to inspect riser joints in both the horizontal and vertical positions

Multi-tool Inspection Heads

• Partial scan to 100% scan for Ultrasonic Thickness (I.D. & O.D.) 
• C-Scan Corrosion Mapping
• 360° I.D. Laser Scan Corrosion Mapping
• Weld Inspection, TOFD and Surface Wave
• Video Inspection

Other Services Available to Help Your Company Build Success

• AUT Shop Setup And Training

• Riser Inspection System Operation Training

• Riser Inspection System Maintenance & Repair Training

• Procedures Writing

•  Customer Qualification Assistance (ABS & DNV )